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Introduction to Physical Science

Physics is the most fundamental learning when one studies natural science. It is indispensable learning when working in fields, such as physics, engineering, chemistry, biology, earth science, and the information science field, etc. in your future.

In the department of physical science, we consider it to be the most important thing to learn the basic knowledge and logical thinking power of physics. Therefore, it considers so that he can understand more deeply the dynamics, the electricity and magnetism, the quantum mechanics, the statistical mechanics, and the physical mathematics used as the foundation of modern physics in three years of the beginning combining a lecture, an exercise, an experiment, and computer training. In tha 4th grade, it will belong to each research group including astrophysics and earth science, graduation research will be done, and how to advance research and the method of a presentation will be learned.

In order to cope with an advancement from that of learning, after graduation, it goes on to a graduate school’s first half course of a physical science speciality doctor, and to learn more advanced knowledge is desired. It is considered as social each field, for example, the researcher in a scientific research organization, the researcher in the research and development division of a company, and an engineer that the talented people who have deeper technical knowledge and logical thinking power in physical science speciality would like to send out.

We are asking for the student who considers things deeply with enthusiasm. It expects strongly not to mention physics at the high school that I want mathematics, a language, and English to enter the person who studied thoroughly. In a graduate school and physical science speciality, more special research is done under a supervision on the basis of the basic knowledge and logical thinking power of physical science which were studied in the faculty. In particular, in the second-half course of a doctor, research instruction is carried out so that it can be independent as a researcher.

There are research groups, such as physical-properties theory, molecular magnetism, quantum physical properties, optical physical properties, structure nature, surface physical properties, space physics, and earth science, in this speciality, several teachers belong to each group and educational research is done together. It lets an announcement of a student’s study group in and outside the country and a society etc. pass, and the method of the research presentation needed in various fields in the future is studied. After the first half course completion, since it is engaged in research and development in social each field, the activity as a more nearly scientific researcher is expected by going on to a second-half course and enriching technical knowledge and research capability.