The School of Science, consisting of Mathematics and Information Sciences, Physical Science, Chemistry and Biological Science, was born in April 2005 under the motto “From Nature to Venture”. We carry out research and education in both fundamental and applied science, in the belief that the discovery of new phenomena and an understanding of their basic principles, as well as the construction of a body of theory is what drives the development of cutting-edge science and technology in the 21st century. We put a great emphasis on logical thinking and communication skills in addition to giving extensive knowledge of the fundamentals of science. We are interested in recruiting a wide range of people, some of whom may wish to discover things that nobody knows, and others who may wish to solve unsolved mysteries and develop materials with new functions.

People can be interested in a variety of things, but the vast world of science, a world so full of exhilaration and excitement, is there before our eyes. Our academic staff at the School of Science look forward to sharing the joy of science with every one of you.